-Static film wedding photography

with the popularity of DV and DC machines for household use, a group of Visual image photography enthusiasts. So, there was envisaged, why not try to learn from film and television drama production, wedding photography is also the creation of an integrated
New films they love when the blueprint, if in the mood for love ', ' Roman holiday ', capturing one of the most classic scene, or course salt screenplay to write two people fall in love, and prepare a shooting: the exclusive story, fixed two lives: wedding photography, filming the following steps can be used:
. Play the most important. Love story I am sure many of you, when selected in the most critical principles, can shoot better, achieving creativity is also crucial.
. When the script is complete, we will carry on shooting sets, which are too difficult for non-professionals. At this time, the experts will have the professional experience a Grand debut. He has to do not only to design a script shot, best able to design the shooting environment.
. Shadow of shooting up the practice in the field, and the photographer into a further amendment with the help of a shooting.
. Brewing emotions, really making a start!
. Script type wedding photos in the set weight on, focused footage to great care in composition, so that when making a photo album you can play a better design.

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