Wedding photography choice photo Raiders

New wedding photography shoot after the start selection into the book, how to choose with my wedding photography taken by the photo? Let us teach you

Many newcomers don't like the budget, considers it unnecessary, when the time comes to flower or to pay. Everyone knows that there's always a mountain higher than another, there is always something better. A budget is the basic premise of satisfaction in your away from temptation.
Friends accompanied by
Selection is highly concentrated work, find one or two experienced and friends of taste, can be given when you dizzy "clean" proposal. But too many friends, or old-timers, you made the decision even tougher.
Select slow election
At least two or three hours to carefully selected, otherwise, if the time is too short, and most people's gut reaction was all brought home.
Selection in the quick browsing
When she got the photo, quick glance, roughly the number of photos and an idea. Don't stay too long in any photo.
After a quick browse, will begin the first round of a rigorous selection process, use labels to make a mark like photos, pay particular attention to when choosing eye contact, facial expressions, movements and small details.
Selected photographs according to wearing a dress and styling done by a statistical (based on Pxx utility: selection of photo records a table), check the total number, by the way you can see your own preference for some modeling, in order to adjust the photo's composition.
According to the statistics, adjustments to the photo will be elected: similar positions can be selected only one; too many photos of a wedding dress; don't ignore the groom's personal photos and pictures. According to the adjusted result selection once again.
Even if you're satisfied, in front of the clerk, and so you have to haggle.
Any amount of fine things are expensive not expensive, choose, make a thick photo album, spending a lot of money and they shelved most of the time.
Selected experience:
Magnifying glass (observe photo details for defects)
Colored sticky (the same dress style categories)
Pens, pencils, erasers (writing),
Production of statistical tables (each dress style number)
Notebook (record comment)
1. pick takes 2-3 hours or more, pick the number of 2-3 people is not too much to, otherwise everyone will cause the opposite effect, if you can't decide, choose next time do not force.
2. quickly view all photos, not to stay too long or discussion, know how many pictures and photos and let the end of one.
3. asked the photographer to pick first round, filter out picture of imperfection or blemish, begin picking.
4. If the pictures were scattered, and provisions should be put back in place, record order of photos, some stores will miss cross in the delete raw footage, don't feel distressed.
5. before using the Delete method in the first round, by deleting most dissatisfied with the work, then use method of keeping, because hate does not mean like.
6. at a tough angle selection, pay attention to facial expressions, movements, small details and pick out pictures of their most satisfying.
7. each model assigned to average, attention to the photo and the two sides alone, according to the proportional distribution, like a series, artists to disperse when the choreography, don't feel repetitive too high.
8. Select finished, remember signature behind in porn don't dispute spotting oil for later use erase to first not binding, check all photos before binding.
9. do not show like appearance, such as to pick, you can stand without a budget, will again be the family complaining about waste, prices must be pressure to a minimum.
10. pick films not selected to enlarge photos and thank, for enlarged photos came out, check the photo details, and then select Zoom photos and thank.
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