More preparation work before the wedding

1, and took wedding Qian, I buy has community buy of stealth underwear, recommends sisters are also to buy a stealth underwear, such not easy wear help, because shooting of wedding do action Shi occasionally will show to, I full wear has 17 hours, I not too sweating, so took wedding Shi has been are didn't off, quality also is good of, viscous is good;
2, long and manicured nails recommended yourself painted your favorite color of Nail Polish, preferably in light, well matching clothes and white, like the fake fingernails can also buy glued, ladies toe nail polish on the nails to fix, pay attention to film may reveal feet;
3, the camera must be prepared before a pair of high heels, women wear high heels has an obvious curve body, looks more feminine charm, I went out to buy a pair of slightly thicker at the end of, with a little dot, or stand firm! Haha, you can wear flat-soled shoes to, when the shot put on! Shoes occasionally exposed, can also be hidden in a wedding dress, but men's shoes have to prepare two pairs, a pair of black shoes a pair of white, because white men suit, socks a pair in black and white, man revealed many opportunities for shoes, socks is also very important Ah!
4, wedding day you want to bring your own snacks, because the shooting is hard, can buy chocolate energy drink takes makeup makeup, it is recommended that two long straws, this way you can drink, nor out of lip gloss.
5, suggesting that men and women should wear boxer briefs, facelift without peer.
6, take a small mirror, so you can always see myself when on location, shape and appearance.
7, prepare a small bag, piecemeal things inside, let hubby take care!
8, attention to prepare a digital camera or a DV machine, film trailer as a souvenir! Batteries are ready! I was, huh, huh.
9, his clothes take less, shoot very nervous, time is limited, one or two enough to, I put on a set of lovers, the remaining three are useless! Time is too late.
10, men must take their own form-fitting suits and white shirts and ties!
11, the wedding night will give your husband and do a hydrating mask, since flour is very thick makeup, over a long time will be very dry, moisturizer is necessary, after 8 o'clock no matter how thirsty no more water! Remember!! Otherwise the next day will have eye bags! Try to go to bed early in the evening to rest well we don't have a black eye, I haven't rested eyes were swollen in the morning, first aid is ice or put slices of cucumber. Before the morning shoot not makeup, nutrition and some sunscreen! Men, too!
12, ladies and trimmed underarm hair and eyebrows before shooting, sweaty he put some baby powder in the Axilla is better!
13, hair clean would be nice, don't use conditioner, not to do hair too slippery shape.
14, to photograph as possible before wearing a Cardigan Sweater dress or open collar, because of makeup and then changing wedding dress!
15, on the Green somewhere could be mosquitos and ants or something, it is recommended that prior put some toilet water in the legs, I was bitten by ants, and depressed!
16, the wedding will be very tired, being careful to maintain a good attitude!
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