"The tender trap" in the wedding photography

Now comes as the peak wedding, wedding photography also come complaints. City Consumer Association reminds the new people, and also to keep an eye out in the consumer, be wary of businesses "the tender trap".
Lure you up poor quality
Miss Zhou in the day of the wedding photos, makeup artist said her skin looks dull, use store 120 Yuan provided by a makeup solution can improve the situation if not, result is not good. Think about life once in a while, Miss Zhou reluctantly forked over the money. Unexpectedly, finished the wedding night, Miss Zhou anaphylactic reaction on his face, cheek swelling and eyelid rash, "feeling the pain and itching, pain." Miss Zhou, then provide make-up fluid is a Studio in a small bottle is no packaging, bottles without the production date and shelf life of the product.
Miss Zhou treatment arising out of medical expenses, borne by the Studio. Cindy Cho said that currently there is no standard management of the wedding photography industry to follow, no uniform requirements for the use of cosmetics. "So for insurance purposes, consumers are better off with cosmetics. Operators are forced to buy during the make-up process approach should be rejected ". Meanwhile, Cindy Cho also recommended that consumers can contract with the Studio used makeup rules clearly, including the cosmetics used by name, quantity, and quality assurance, "If the Studio refused, consumers have the right to not choose this Photo Studio. "
Pitfall II
Low price started the second consumer
Not long ago, Mr Yu, a photo shop, I booked a 3999 worth of wedding photos. In front of the delivery of the deposit, Yu has repeatedly asked the waiter whether there are other consumption, were told, without any extra costs. But the day of the wedding photos, the waiter had told Mr and Mrs Yu, use only the specified range of clothing, to increase the clothing of the VIP area, pay 250 Yuan per piece fee. Mr Yu said, "specified clothing rotten, dirty, cannot pick of a desirable clothes to choose clothing of the VIP area, which is in fact a disguised form of secondary consumer. "
According to customers ' requirements, the operator returned 800 Yuan Yu deposit. Complaints for this type of premium, Cindy Cho, Association Secretary-General cautioned that when new people in the choice of Studio, Studio staff will promise at no extra charge. But after a rookie under contract with deposit, price traps tend to follow – makeup, to make makeup stay a long time, water to styling, plus money VIP clothes you want to wear, plus money ... ... Such a variety of consumer, ect. Therefore, the new operator's recommendations and suggestions should be carefully identified, carefully chosen; paid a deposit before conclusion of the contract, expressly contained in quantity, specifications, dimensions, price and scope of concessions. In addition, enter into a written contract or agreement must be oral commitments to the business letter, don't believe false advertising businesses.
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