Spring shoot good place for sea-view photos

General wedding photography choices in stunning locations, and spring after the winter, on-location wedding photography is not easy to find the ideal venue. Yesterday morning, the snow after the tidal coastal scenic spot of the beach, thousands of meters of guardrails are covered with a binggua of about half a meter high, just like on a string of small radish hangs on chains, Sun Shine, crystal clear, beautiful, magnificent and charming. "Come and see! binggua wonders for 3 days without melting, it's fantastic. "Crowd of onlookers are not issued by the voice of praise. Not far away on the steps, one only a flimsy wedding dress, the bride is more biting surface concave shape wedding, completely oblivious to the cold weather.
Another, a wedding had just held a couple was cuddling all revel in the beauty of, down to the tidal wave, but wedding photographer, please, leave means "pure" anniversary. Couple says it is prepared to make the seaside wedding photos.
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