Trend vision wedding photography

When all kinds of trends magazine, Visual magazines constantly washing our visual experience, breaking our conventional thinking, did it ever occur to you, like fashion and alternative, to use in your wedding photography photographs, what kind of reaction do
Traditional wedding photography take wedding photos in a human-dominated, to view as a secondary way of shooting is clearly too dull, character and scene composition-part contrast each other, shooting more photography attitude, so the wedding photos are salted or not, to a large extent, depend on the photographer's grip on the entire filming style:
If you want to make magazine blockbuster trend wedding, there are some extra attention:
Man is no longer the only show in the works, read more on the environment can be a key to the overall style of. So. If you want to take a different style of work, can break the selected view mode. Waste storage, pop air background beach, dead wood, and so on. Special selected view will allow the photographer to produce new creative energy, which is key to the success of the work as a whole.
. Light color
You can imagine their wedding photos in the night? to the Moon mirror was a very bold idea, if wearing a satin-feel dress and matching shiny accessories, photographic light contrast, more charming and beautiful atmosphere. Backlight, contour light use, works with very appealing Visual effects.
. Makeup
Wedding photography as the key is to start from modeling completely sweet image. This requires makeup artists keep track of popular trends, from nude makeup to a metallic makeup, refined from fruit color makeup to small smoky, makeup with distinct styles to make the bride presents different amazing temperament, also gives the bride like the catwalk trends released style.
. Costume
Eclectic outfits can put an alternative interpretation to the extreme. Grooms no longer needs to wear suits and ties of the qianpian-law. Casual shirts, punk jacket may fit: and remember not to be too obsessed with the dress of the bride's wedding dress details in photos, crop and material is the key.
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