May is approaching, wedding photography industry starts to heat up

Peak months are young people marry, recently, this reporter learned from the departments concerned, near the wedding photography industry Summit in Shanghai just around the corner. A couple driving shopping malls, hotels, studios and other consumer markets at the same time, home decoration, wedding rentals, tourism is booming again.
Studio: celebrate wedding peak
In recent years, representatives of wedding photography as a fashion, personalized trends are becoming evident. Reporters recently in yellow vision wedding photography studio found that customers in an interview at his door, is in addition to taking pictures of the couple, but also customer advice and booking services. Yellow plush Visual staff told reporters, following the Ching Ming Festival, and Studio business at the end of the new round of orgasm, now to take pictures of the couple for seven to ten per week, significantly increased than usual, because of the limits of premises and staff, they had guests for indoor rotation and location shooting in batches. Sometimes encounter day, five or six couples wedding day alone.
Reporters in wheat fields, Maisha, Rainbow, see a lot of wedding photography studio at the Mall in front of the stalls set up here. People miss Bell told reporters that she planned to get married next month, ready to choose wedding photography packages of less than 5,000 yuan, the cost cost of the her wedding 10%.
Yellow vision Wedding Photography Studio Manager believes that young people are generally rational. Most popular is priced from 4,000 to 7,000 packages million above some consumers, but in General, these people make up a relatively small proportion.
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