Sanya ends released free wedding new mistakes

Beautiful, romantic world in Sanya, and Maldives, Spain compared to wedding wedding honeymoon Island, world famous tourist destination, Sanya is no less significant. Local governments also are stepping up to create wedding wedding photography in Sanya to become China's most famous travel destination.
In recent days, ends in Sanya scenic area, has experienced the celebrated gymnast Yang Wei, Yang "Weiyun" wedding ceremony, featuring a benefit have a wide a wide range of new initiatives, have all attracted to tianyahaijiao scenic spot to shoot wedding photography location, according to the couple, each group of 5 members (including 3 staff), and free of charge courtesy of scenic.
Wedding market has great potential and China can be described as hot, last year to this year, the Korea Cheju Island and the United States, such as Hawaii and Government tourism agencies to promote wedding tourism in the Chinese market, in developed areas like Beijing and Shanghai to seize the market. From conventional honeymoon getaway routes, trip to feature products and overseas wedding photography wedding items, all the other marriageable young people's eyes light up, attracting full power. By contrast, China's domestic development of wedding tourism-related industries still far lags behind. As China's best wedding destination wedding travel, Sanya's popularity rising in the world, wedding wedding tourism market is rapidly expanding, but related industry advocacy and Government are far from full. Ends, for stronger, bigger, doing fine Sanya wedding dress pioneered the travel industry, the development of wedding tourism in Sanya, in particular, the industry has begun to take shape wedding travel photography, have been positive.
Reporters visited several in there are certain well-known agency Sanya wedding photography industry to tianyahaijiao scenic area have applauded, Dolly exquisite wedding photography, General Manager, Director of the Taiwan Business Association in Sanya Mr Deng Ruifeng most representative. Deng Mr introduced, in Taiwan, several at well-known location married photo base, as wild Liu scenic, and Hengchun Peninsula,, scenic will active attract photography industry who with new to shooting, and will as scenic features tourism project, appeared in local Government of tourism publicity in, because scenic and wedding industry who are clear, pair on dressed in wedding dress of couples appeared, on scenic,, will is a beautiful of landscape line, can up to increased scenic features, improve scenic visibility of good force, on new, and photography institutions, and Scenic spots are the three beautiful thing, after the formation mode, can promote the overall development of tourism local wedding dress. But in Sanya, now wedding their wedding guests are mostly from the wedding photo agencies, featured love or relationship between tourism travel website registration, wedding photo agency did, in this case, Sanya wedding dress products only through word of mouth, the industry there is no scale, do not form a strong overall competitiveness. Although the Administration has with a bit of awareness, but not enough about Sanya wedding dress of the overall tourism industry advocacy and guidance, lack of overall promotion initiatives. Ends scenic move seems scenic single behavior, but as Sanya most with visibility of scenic, its Government background self-evident, in vigorous of gained wedding Hou, draws launched such of initiatives, can think is Government began has purpose of for better development Sanya wedding wedding Brigade industry cast power, on promote Sanya wedding wedding tourism of overall development meaning major, like flower Lisa such of Sanya wedding wedding travel industry who deeply encouraged, on industry prospects full confidence.
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