Film opens new wedding photography experience

Yellow River covers an area of 3,000 square meters for the wedding photography, new "360' across the scene", with a powerful stereo Deluxe scene every couple of infinite tolerance, flexibly transformers morph features let the newcomers in the vivid scenes of natural powerful performances, wedding photography as getting better!
Wedding dress Mv is a new interpretation of the film, completed the couple's dreams of love. A show starring newcomer movie MV, a record love Visual revolution, as a lifetime collection,
Faith in the love and blessings, is no substitute for deeper meaning to life. When love can be recorded, which can be reproduced, can be when people in love and be loved back in taste to taste the happiness of love itself. Professional shooting mode, lets you feel the film is rocker and Rails, the same scene can accommodate couples, photographers are backed by cross-shot in the penetrating-scene has a different picture.
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