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Frank stick     1990: Sophia was founded, to couture concept offers top wedding photography services.
1 996: participate in fashion week exhibition in Taipei for the first time, lay the first brand of wedding.
2001: established by sufeiyali wedding dress and show held every year without interruption.
2004: Sophia Hong Kong shop.
2005: Taipei redesign design.
2005: Sophia established wedding photography Shanghai flagship store. Narrowing the distance between hearts   variety of topics with your choice of
Sophia on location, Studio, theme wedding photography have their own advantages, they get rid of the traditional Studio follows the line pattern and dry piece of technique, with excellent aesthetic vision, originality of ideas, exquisite technique and finished every work, affectionate interaction is frozen into eternal romance of the new room. Style sharp, color clean,  "Sophia type" of shooting style put noble elegant and fine romantic calmly rubbing pinch, meet new diversified of preferences, movie type shooting technique jumped off site limited, heart capture happiness moments, woven tablets tablets moving chapter, regardless of luxury int also is features location are to people extraordinary of shake 1 4/11, and 4/12 Sophia respectively in Xingguo hotel and built here held offers orders activities, welcomes to.
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