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Thames town + projection   wedding photography studio for your budget-minded vision wedding photography in the VIP card launch first hot vIP card issue experience a more comprehensive and better service in return
This season, her vision wedding photography studio blockbuster launch vIP VIP, where booking wedding photography gift, VIP exclusive service more comprehensive and better feedback, act now.
Holders of VIP card customers can introduce friends and family to our appointment to film and get the corresponding points, bonus points for service in return. In addition, holding a VIP card, customers can enjoy a free after marriage a set of baby pictures, a set of anniversary photos (reservation required). Discard the traditional   strength cast network
Vision wedding photography is located in the quiet comfort of the Suzhou River. She pursues   fashion wedding photography, to create unique wedding photography works for   purpose. 3 years, she has developed into a l,800 square meters of "wedding photo base  ", relying on the famous left bank of Suzhou Creek creative arts group, new   ideas, easy shooting fashion photography of atmosphere, full of personality, always forward   in the wedding photography industry's "Blue Ocean", witnessing the strong love of thousands of couples.   And on the Web, you visual access to the new people of all ages, is the new   hailed as a "network wedding photography specialist". In terms of consumption, she insisted to eliminate hidden   consumption, truly make this a couple good value-for-money price.
Popular locations see   value-for-money packages save you money
Has been yilai, Iraqis Visual are seeks to let new can has has personal style of   wedding, years, has will countless on new of sweet moments fixed into eternal,  regardless of is beautiful of realistic int, also is vivid real of natural location, regardless of   is luxury retro of Palace, also is Sun brilliant of Avenue, Iraqis are tries their best to build,  professional styling Division for new full build classic styling, experience rich of photographer capture   One emotional moment. With images illustrate love frame set forever.
Launched Thames town + more popular films of the season shooting just 3,988 Yuan   value package, hopes for new budget with limited budget, so that they can   with high quality wedding movies. Vision first VIP card is issued.
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