Nordic small town wedding photography interiors

Tired of has stone of location wedding photography shooting? bored has put time waste in roundtrip attractions of away Shang has? crop wedding photography work room first launched 70,OOO square meters, and equivalent to 17 a standard football, and heavily build of Luo shop Nordic small town, a seat to natural ecological of and landscape into theme for design built of exotic style small town, to you Nordic life experience, let you play turned which, Le this not he! focused Silla shop, opened to Nordic of route 14 big "play points" let you enjoy play turned Silla shop
① meilan Lake landscape: one of the highlights of the luodian town, is renowned both within and outside the Lake malaren, Lake Shore, flowing in the wind, stroll to the Lake, do not have a taste: here each point can be taken out of the beautiful and romantic wedding.
② Nordic Golf: Golf course is in line with international PGA standard, has a 36-hole golf course and beautiful scenery. A refined putter, fashion sunglasses, taken with a wide angle to the atmosphere of golf as the background of the wedding.
③ corner lurks: what is Nordic-style street with typical Scandinavian style building is located quietly, angle revealed that rich exotic! photographer artfully captures the moment and moving pictures, write into your album!
Charm of night dreams II: until later, under sunset, looking at the panorama, but there is a charm of an ecstatic beauty, Convention Center lights shining in the distance, brightly lit glory! professional light, unique perspective, even if the haze in the sky can also shoot out alternative unique picture, when there are even more with LoMO temperament!
The scenic Lake of Lake malaren bring you a taste of different beauty
Core area is located in the small town of Lake malaren, smooth water, forming one. Lake dense adult plants such as willows, camphor tree, Ginkgo biloba, Lotus, water stocked in wild waterfowl, willows and graceful, ren Xing Yi health path.
In the Aegean coastal living a dream, meilan Lake in fantastic representation! under the fantasy landscape, photographer, vividly captures your smile! the Nordic golf course combination of ecology and landscape aesthetic
Meilan Lake Golf Center, spent 36 holes, array, the bunkers, the trees, rivers, lakes, wetlands, rose Bush? ... All good landscape be your wedding photo shoot of optional, without you fiddling with what P05[, a look back, a turn around, will stay here in beautiful image. Here you will have more ideas, don't have the flavor of a wedding photo shoot. Corner brick by brick love--Nordic-style street exudes exotic
Number of Nordic-style street shop, catering, clothing, accessories, Crystal crafts, jewelry, arts and crafts, a less noticed corners, antique shop may be the ugly, perhaps here you will find little jewels, and mermaids tears ...? You can imprint with the unique shops in your photo album, leave to differ from the exotic charm and style. Charm of luodian town, dreamy night boasts a night
Town square, Plaza and Plaza Plaza 3. At night, lights, hop flavor is coming from the waves? ... Meilan Lake Lighthouse towers, in the dark of night burning in the eternal light. As if Andersen's fairy tale world, street nights, there is always a sense of surprise in secret initiation ... ... You are the Princess of the night dancing and step dancing.
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