Wedding photography how to talk about orders?

After shopping around, you stupid stupid bride was also the idea, just the beginning decided to wedding photography, they checked out. This is first of all battle field, if you want to play well, but not easy Oh. The first thing to do to prepare is, with my husband and talk! In General, my husband would say: "I have listened to you! Do you like better! "But we have a lot of uncertainty, need to let my husband is out of ideas. Husbands really don't know all those wedding photography companies big and small gifts and photos and so on, their only advantage is sober, sensitive to budget, brides want to talk, and then let the husband once, must be consulted in advance of a bottom line, does not reach the bottom line the old referendum does not let go, it is better to cut down. Also note is that Studio package is priced at the same price on the basis of the contents is important, and don't want things, prices are cheaper, this is not realistic.
Remember when we talk about preventing the appointment on wedding photography company's pre-sale, they usually will let you get lost in those secondary aspects, give you some small gifts and photo number, put large grade and so on, will deliberately go around, make you spend at a later stage. For example, if the list count is only 20, that we should try to talk more; don't believe what they say, 20 is enough, then took more than 100, you refused to give up.

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