Wedding photography of "negotiating"

Wedding Photography Studio paid a deposit 25%, photo 50%, pick-up and pay 25%
Appointment, take a few more wedding photography studio, ask the price, other studios offer, as long as you mention, will satisfy you. Wedding Photography Studio will not promise you take package flyer! So you have to use your brain to remember the package contents, knew what they wanted the so-called emerge victorious.
Second, to wedding photography Studio
The first step: ask first what promotions and claim benefits.
Second step: wedding photography studio package contents on the premise of no increase can be adjusted. Contents of the package on its own to choose.
Step three: don't tell how much money you want to spend in the store taking a picture, never selected bridal sample results.
Fourth step: choose a low-profile package, then add something, "how many inches can change how many inches? "So few dress, plus two? Please get those gifts of jewelry items, all replaced with photo-related items, such as the book add more photos, zoom in increasing the number of inches, magnification of the count more, add (for VIP). BACK
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