Wedding photography of "selected sample considerations"

Wedding photography and selected the postponement, firm do not have the selection. When the selection list, choose some vertical pictures. All the negatives and sample, the first demo, film with the sample completely. Add photos to the price according to the contract. You know this is where the difference between the largest and most water, I think sisters should know a photo full of 18 or 21-inch bound in narrowing the differences, one photo is very atmospheric, and photo size cost difference is also very high. There are photos of cross. Make maximum, and only half full.
Wedding photography selection of films: don't, bad angle of the light do not repeat do not, and posture, as well, but less personal, selected photos will have a balance of rejuvenation, a variety of clothing and posture are diverse.
Select when there are other customers present, even if the clerk put pressure on your holding it. Looking for friends with experience or have knowledge of photography to give advice. Inhibition of delight as much as possible, don't be disappointed, slowly bargained with the salesman. Shop assistant took out all the photos in one go, first removed do not, from the rest of the selection. When selecting photos, should also be considered whether the background with the album sorting. Don't focus on selecting a set of wedding photos, so as to avoid repeat the illusion of wearing a wedding dress. Don't forget the groom's pictures and photos. Is a photo of wedding photography is not a personal photo.
Problems when it comes to sending negatives, I have an important message to tell you that if you select optical photo, some require 120 professional camera film. Should shoot for this film both in quality and in filming costs are not the film could compare. So, JS promised to use negatives words, must emphasize all 120 professional film.
For the photos the attention
Check carefully, and booking their own photo album frame meets does not meet, color photos, photo count enough, if they are not satisfied with the places and asked to do. To insist on perfection. BACK
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