Small wedding photography questions

: When thinking of wedding photography as
We intend to get married in October next year, listening to friends say a lot of things to prepare before, wedding photography as Ah, Ah what the hotel, a lot of things. Girls, always the wedding photos are most looking forward to, so go to the 591 marriage show, saw this when reception staff showed us album, feel good, my husband and I both liked and scheduled at that time also have great discounts, we decided in this shot. That is hope wedding photography pictures beautifully, then photos came out, we saw all feel happy.
: Shooting process like?
: Mainly for the King at that time was quite impressed by, I heard it is int, but what style are, and need not be afraid of Sun, very comfortable. Photographer is good, we don't know what to do when you tell us what position is better. The camera Assistant-our next, so a day like 3 JL finished. Makeup artist very seriously, for a lens to look at our makeup is there to spend, or help us make up makeup, quite carefully. We're feeling really generous at the star treatment.
: How do you know
: We also work through a project. Then there's a time for me to sing, but he was. To sing KTV night, he sent us a-home, finally sent me a, later learned that singing is his schedule. Actually started to really shine, others work with special vigor, and very careful, people are sincere. Oh, such a person cannot be missed, of course. BACK
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