Wedding photography ideas

Nude photo art acceptance may not have so high, but wants to play something as creative as you want to get the. After the generation, was accompanied by a grown up fairy tales, comics, and the teller of fairy tales questions CD, anime fantasy and, of course, can be a fresh wedding photography photo highlights. I do not know where to start? can refer to the following steps:
Find photographers to shoot ability. Proud of you is first of all conduct a preliminary figure set and the environmental setting. Determine the theme and situation you want to. Determine what is needed to prepare the shade of shooting, which can late CG technology.
. Becomes the key to determine the overall style of clothing. Both the movement of light wind, wild exaggeration of decadent-wind, cosplay dress up, can make the whole style of wedding is even more striking.
. Grafting can use space within the context, time's not too weird setting, perception can make wedding photos create fantastical experience.
. Commonly used in advertising, animation and game industry CG technology, can make the wedding a new creative platform, and allows more photography alone cannot complete picture possible.

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