The wedding need to prepare for how much money?

Standard mainly around the wedding photography prices are different, so a buy it now price is not easy to say. Beijing and Shanghai are more expensive and usually have to spend a lot of money. Shanghai wedding photography prices briefly. Two floor prices, mainly, generally starting around 1500, is the most simple packages, clothing minimal, less photo; then more than 2000, and more than 3,000, tens of thousands of more than more than 4,000 to be. Later but in General would double again--because the selection of films will have a variety of late consumer waits for you. Now determined without a penny, post later learned of its own, your thoughts will likely change, always tell yourself: I am the most beautiful bride, my husband is the most handsome husband, I selected photo is the picture perfect, no matter what result will not regret it, will not affect the mood of the wedding Oh
That is, in Shanghai wedding photography took wedding, selected those common of Studio, basically spent 5, and 6,000 is compared General and reality of, hand of photos not more also not too less; also has 4,000 following compared success of; also has tens of thousands of of, that is strength strong of bride's, not so care silver of said, generally also not spent so more...... BACK
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