What is a wedding? Photos includes what?

Wedding photography as it is, of course, dressed in wedding photography ~ ~ and Oh, every bride wants to wear a wedding dress? Look their most beautiful preserved forever, wedding photos are a good idea. We talk about wedding photography photo, generally refers to a professional Studio, wearing their wedding dresses and gowns for professional photographers and make-up artists to dress up, photo editing and design build and get the beautiful photo albums and other souvenirs.
Wedding photography photo contains full of a lot of things, in General, take wedding photos will not only wear a dress, Bridal white into both indoor and outdoor, evening dresses are varied, we Chinese also took costume dramas about the traditional, which is at least 4, and prepared their own clothes, fashion, et cetera. Because of changes of clothing, so shapes have changed a lot, so makeup is also a very important aspect. Dressed up in photographs in Studio, on location, now will pick out some on-location photos, naturally, so photos will take a very long time Oh, be mentally prepared. In summary, photo-after some work, such as the selection of films, continue to figure out which photos will be selected into the album, and so on, these late works are the Studio the very important round of confrontation with you Oh, because those things outside of your selected package is to da money!! Finally take tablets, this is probably the most happiest one step, you see Studio opened mouth laughing was taking
To sum up, wedding clothing, makeup, photography, later four, during which there are various bits and pieces of the process, such as the dot to select in advance the Studio, pre-selected clothing, owned objects and so on and so on, came back to say, feel free to add BACK
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