Wedding photography question of "how to choose your wedding dress"

According to different occasions there are basically 3 categories: (according to the photographers wedding package set of
1. Photographed dress: typically 6 modelling, 2-3 sets the white dress, 3-4 dress. Wedding photography according to dress more than the old dresses, but this does not matter, through photography is not affected; suggest features, color dark color dresses, dresses taken outside, pay attention to the location and dress of coordination.
2. Guining or engagement dress: If the woman engaged guests basically provides for 2 sets of dress, if only for the simple ceremony for 1 set, guining banquets for 2 sets; should be for a new dress.
3. Wedding dress: 1 sets of white yarn, two sets of gown; for a new dress.
To have the most perfect performance on the same day, each link can not be ignored, and dresses are the most basic elements, choose dresses, and then to consider shape and dress, "choosing the right dress can help? and" Wow! Please remember that sweet sister's awesome code, will allow? many conquests, was closely followed by human eye?, was stunning. (This principle selected for the wedding dress of the day, engagement rather lawfully made BACK
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